Monday, October 9, 2017

5 years update

I recently logged back into my blog and realized its been 5 long years since I have posted anything on this blog. What a wild ride the last 5 years have been too. My last blog dealt with a plateau even though I didn't realize what it was. It also dealt with the miscarriage of our first baby. I went on to get pregnant again in November of 2012 and miscarried 10 days after getting that positive pregnancy test. I basically gave up for awhile. I then started again with my Pastor's wife at the time but quickly became discouraged with things werent moving hardly at all. Adding on lots of stress and a cross country move and adoption classes and starting a church its been a crazy ride since then. However I haven't given up and I have renewed my resolve to get healthy and lose this weight once and for all. This blog is going to be brutally honest and I am going to be open with you guys in ways that I have never been with anyone including my own husband when it comes to my weight and to the very reason why I decided that this is it and that if I want to live to an old age I needed to take immediate action. I will be posting pictures that include myself before and maybe a few hints of after. I will also be posting food journals and my weight ( it's something that not even my own husband knows), also I will use this to show my ups and downs and gains and losses.

The reason why this has been so urgent this time is because its become a matter of my very own health and I had a very eye opening experience about 3 weeks ago. It actually started close to 2 months ago. I came down with a yeast infection and then a cold and then thrush. I was a very very sick lady. Over the counter medication was not cutting it and with a trip out of town I was downing lots of orange juice and high vitamin c juices to combat my cold as to not pass it on to my elderly grandparents we were going to see. I was so sick, and literally tired that I couldn't hardly function. I was also taking care of my two nieces ages 3 and 1 1/2. This trip ended up being quite miserable for me personally from being so sick. When we got home it had been 2 weeks since I had come down with the yeast infection that had now spread to my mouth as thrush and let me tell you that is horrible. I would never wish thrush on my worst enemy. Nothing tasted good and nothing sounded good. About the only things I could stomach was milk and orange juice. Everything just hurt to even try and eat. It was miserable. I went to the doctor and was given a prescription which took care of pretty much the infection. When my nieces went to be with their mom for a week a couple days after we got back I slept for well over 12 hrs and was awake for a couple of hours and then I slept all night again. I started to feel a little human again.

I then came across my glocumeter that I have to just keep a check on my blood sugar as diabetes runs in my family. When I first tested it all the meter said was high then it was 4oo+. That scared the living daylights out of me. I knew then it was time to get really freaking serious about my health. I made the decision right there in then that if for nothing else to get my blood sugar down it was time.

I cut out 98% of the sugar I was eating and carbs and a lot of fat. I started walking too, boy that first mile was tough. Now 2 miles is getting pretty easy. My goal is to be able to do a 5k next year. Between walking and diet changes my blood sugar has dropped down to the 240's and last night (10-08-17) and today (10-09-17) I got readings of 175. What a huge difference. I still need it to drop consistently about 75 more points. This has been with the help and grace of God. I have lost 26.8 lbs since August 16th.

I am noticing more and more how much more I feel better and have more energy and have the ability to walk more and farther without getting winded or feeling like crap. I also no longer need my mid day nap. This lifestyle has been so much easier than I thought it would be. I mean other times I would feel so deprived and struggle with saying no to my favorite sweets and bread and pop. This has been so much easier and God has really changed my taste buds even to the point sweets don't taste good pop doesnt taste good and I don't crave or really miss bread. Well this is long enough for today  I will be posting and updating more frequently.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 months

Wow! Almost a year as gone by since I have started this journey. Man I am nowhere near where I thought I would be. My goal was to lose 100 lbs before my 2nd anniversary and I feel like I am starting over this week from the beginning. This year started out rough with a dead stop in weight loss. I was very discouraged with this but I pressed on. Than I got pregnant and than miscarried a couple of weeks after finding out and I dealt with depression with losing our precious baby. I didnt really care for a little while about losing weight. So after a couple of months of not caring and pants starting to fit tighter than they did a few months ago. I decided that I wasn't giving up yet. I am still going to fight this battle and that I will face ups and downs but that as long as I don't give up I will never fail at this. The past few months hubs, myself and our roomie have been attending a new church. Oh how I wished I had found this church 6 years ago when I moved back or even 5 years ago when I suddenly found myself looking for a new church. I know that this was the hand of God that He moved us away from where we were to where we are. Our pastor's wife has lost 100lbs and is a personal trainer that is willing to work with me and the church even has a gym on location that is open to members of the church. I love that it is so close and way more convenient than any other gym I have ever been too. It's been great to have someone who is in house with you that is also working on losing weight and will go to the gym to workout with me. Let me tell you I am moving muscles that I never move on a regular basis lately. Going to the gym is one of the most relaxing parts of my days the past couple of days. I do it strictly for me. I am not going to let anything get in the way of it. No matter what. I plan on sticking with this, there is no excuse since I don't have more than a 5 minute drive nor do I have to work long there in about 30 minutes I am done with the whole routine. I hope to keep this blog up even more as I begin the journey again.

Friday, June 22, 2012


I can't even remember when I last posted here. It has been a very bumpy ride the past few months. Back at the beginning of the year I hit a huge plateau lost about 50 lbs and than stopped like dead in my tracks no weight loss. I thought I might have been pregnant in January/February and that was why but nope that wasn't it. I got extremely frustrated  because nothing was happening and pretty much gave up doing the shakes and vitamins and everything. I found out in the beginning of April that I was in pregnant about 4-6 weeks along but we lost the baby right after we found out and while trying to deal with that I gave up completely on even trying to eat healthy after that. I have decided though that I am not going to give up and I am going to lose this weight once and for all. I started back on my diet on Monday and I have lost 3 lbs so far. YAY!!! I am so excited as well because we started a new church a couple of months ago and the pastor's wife is a personal trainer and they have a gym there as well. How awesome is God!! Anyways I am starting over and I am not stopping no matter what. So be looking for more updates along this journey.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WOW!!! It's been almost 4 months

I have failed miserably at keeping up with my blog and somewhat loose on my diet. My weight loss has slowed drastically. I am hoping as soon as we get another car (we sold our piece of junk van that didnt work hardly at all anyways) to start going to the gym and that should also jumpstart my weight loss again. I do feel tons better and love how I get to eat still. As soon as anything changes I will update here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How I Am Doing?

December has come upon us and I realize I only blogged twice last month. Hoping to do better at that this month. I have lost 37.8 lbs I am so excited and I am getting closer and closer to my goal of 50lbs by the end of the year. I am getting so excited. "A" has lost 69lbs I am so proud of her and she is such a huge encouragement to me. She keeps me going on the days I am struggling. So somehow we goofed with our order and ran out of our products (shakes and vitamins) the week of thanksgiving and had to actually go back to 2 meals a day with a shake for a meal and yet we both still managed to lose weight. Which is crazy but encouraging because I was so afraid if/when I would go to two meals a day I would gain weight and I was crazy excited to be able to lose weight and not gain (especially over thanksgiving).

The other day I went grocery and Christmas shopping and my pants are getting so baggy in the legs that they were actually getting cold in certain spots (because it was only about 40 degrees) and I thought there was a hole because all of a sudden I would hit a cold spot on my pants and so  I had "A" check me out in the parking lot and then it kept happening and was sure that I had a hole so I went to the bathroom to check and no hole just cold patches ( LOL I was so glad there wasn't a hole because I don't want to have to buy any jeans until these just plain fall off of me). So I keep plugging away everyday and little by little all the weight is coming off. YAY!!!

I plain on being on here more but we will see how that goes. If I don't see you before... Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 17,2011

I almost have made it to 35 lbs. As of this morning I have lost 34.2lbs. YAY!!!! GO ME!!!!!  I am so excited. I really feel that my goal of 50lbs  this year just might happen. I know I have had up and down days but overall I am doing better than I have ever had and it really really helps having accountability in my life. One thing I have discovered is the reason behind my severe headaches I use to get. I have suffered for headaches for about 3 years that they would be so bad that I would miss work or leave work early and all that would work is sleeping. Most of the time not even Advil or Tylenol would work. But since starting herbalife and eliminating sugar and carbs I have only had 2 headaches and both of them have come the morning after not sticking to the plan. The first one was the day after our anniversary after I ate a high carb meal and wedding cake and than the second time was this week after having a sugar splurge. My body just cant handle the sugar and the carbs. I am so glad to have learned that and now I don't have to suffer from headaches any more. Next week I do my 2nd month measurements and will probably do a weigh in that day so that I can get an official 2 month weigh in. Be looking for it and I will post an updated picture as well.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Milestone!!!!!

I hit my 30lb milestone this week. I am so excited after having 2 really slow weeks where I was barely losing a lb, it was quite refreshing to lose 4lbs this week. It was a real encouragement to me that yes it is making a difference. I did have to tweak a few things. I was trying to simplify this even more as we are suppose to drink a tea everyday and its 1/2 tsp to 8 oz twice a day so my thinking was I could do 1 tsp once a day and that's when I started barely losing a lb a week. I also added starting this past week an aloe supplement that is helping balance my digestive track and also does a detox (for lack of a better term) from my mouth all the way through. I also started taking another supplement called Cell-U-Loss which they term as liposuction in a bottle, and I also added a second tea to everyday and tang kuei plus which helps support our female system. I am very excited about everything that is happening with my body well all except for the fact that I am losing most of my inches and weight in my back but not my behind and that makes it stick out more much to my chagrin. Oh well hopefully it will start shrinking as well. :) I know its been awhile and I will try to do better. I hope to put up some of our favorite recipes now as well and for those who eat healthy and want to save money "A" and I are starting to coupon more and are going to try and to see how easy it will be with our diet and offer advice on how to do it cheaply.